Á N G E L A  J I M É N E Z 
Mójense las orejas // Wet your ears  is an exhibition by Nathanaël Ruiz de Infante and Ángela Jiménez where the public is invited to enter a space between a waiting room and a warehouse...
It took place in the Centro de Arte Espacio O in Santiago de Chile, Chile, from June 4th to June 22nd 2018.
This project could not have been possible without the support of Pilar Citoler.

Special thanks to Mitchel, Martin, Pablo, Luis, Coco...
Portable speaker, mp3 player, blue plaster
I have woken up in a room
Something has happened with the water
The guards are the voices that link me to the objects
With them, the whispers won’t stop
The faucets breathe between my hands and my skin turns blue.
The color puddles on the floor reflect something that I had seen before, but I hadn’t realized...
My eyes fill with water.
I am here to wait, but I don’t know for what.


Me he despertado en una sala
Ha pasado algo con el agua
Los vigilantes son las voces que me unen a los objetos
Con ellos los murmullos ya no se callan.
Los grifos respiran entre mis manos y mi piel se vuelve azul.
Los charcos de color sobre el suelo reflejan algo que ya
había visto antes, pero no me había dado
Mis ojos se llenan de agua.
Estoy aquí para esperar, pero no sé el qué.

Garden hose cast, resin
The exhibition had different listening points where the spectator could listen to sound pieces, some more instrumental, others more narrative, that weaved different fragments of a strange and mysterious story...
These sound pieces where created entirely by Nathanaël Ruiz de Infante for the exhibition.
Plaster, polystyrene foam, lightbulb
Table, latex, lamp, electric stove, casserole, boiling water
Plastic boxes, latex hand casts, water, plaster shelves