M É S A N G E S  G A N G 
M É S A N G E S  G A N G is a collective of young artists based in Paris, started in 2015 by Nathanaël Ruiz de Infante, Amina Dzjumaeva, Désiré Mwamba and Ángela Jiménez.It creates original collective performances and organizes events gravitating around performance.

Contact: mesangesgang@gmail.com
E V E N T S 
P O T  A U  F E U  # 2  -  F E S T I V A L   D E   P E R F O R M A N C E 
For the second edition of POT AU FEU, the festival had two public events, both held at the ENSAPC.
The first night, PRÉCHAUFFAGE (PRE-HEATING) 29/01/2018 where each participant performed during a public night.
The second event, SORTIE DU FOUR (OUT OF THE OVEN) 02/02/2018,
was an event created by the participants during the workshop imparted by Paul Jacques-Yves Guilbert & Valentine Siboni.
Together, they conceived a ball-like performance/party night, where everyone was invited to listen and watch to all the different acts (musical, video and dancing) and to join in and dance along, learning how to fox trot ! 

The participants for SORTIE DU FOUR were:

Eva Van der Host
Félix Dirand
Mano Cattier
Nathanaël Ruiz de Infante
Amo Vaccaria
Octave Magescas
Thomas Gimenez
Anabelle Gentet
Valentine Siboni
Paul Jacques-Yves Guilbert
Jean Lemesre
Performance by Paul-Jacques Yves Guilbert
Performance by Félix Dirand
Performance by Eva Van Der Horst
Performance by Anabelle Gentet
P O T  A U  F E U  # 1  -  F E S T I V A L   D E   P E R F O R M A N C E 
POT AU FEU is a performance festival organized by the Mésanges Gang.
For its first edition, two public events took place at the ENSAPC aswell as a workshop led by artists Audrey Gleizes and Claire Serres from the PEZ collective.

The first night, POT AU FEU - Cuisine (Cooking) had performances from art students from all over France and was a way to meet eachother.
The second night, POT AU FEU - Festin (Feast) was a result of the 4 day long workshop with the artists.You can see a video of it here.

Poster by Léon Lenclos.
                                  Théo Audoire & Natalia Jachowicz                                                             Concerta 2000
                                          Nathanaël Ruiz de Infante                                                           Hugo Béhégaray
E N T E R R E R  -  D É T E R R E R  -  E N T O U R E R  //  E X H I B I T I O N  -  E X P E D I T I O N
E N T E R R E R  -  D É T E R R E R  -  E N T O U R E R  //  E X H I B I T I O N  -  E X P E D I T I O N

took place on June 23 & 24 2015. It gathered a group of young artists in a Forest and consisted on a walk with the spectators, discovering performances, installations between the trees and in the paths.


Hélène Laporte / SBFD SARL 
Amina Dzjumaeva / Marine Huot 
Ángela Jiménez / Jeanne Jougleux 
Christine khuu / Ilies Mahboub 
Yolande Mija / Désiré Mwamba 
Kaeto Sweeney / Loulou Wang
Nathanaël Ruiz de Infante

In the forêt d'Achères-Ville, Yvelines, France.

Poster by Léon Lenclos
                           Nathanaël Ruiz de Infante & Amina Dzjumaeva                                                          Jeanne Jougleux
                                          Marine Huot et Iliès Mahboub                                            Yolande Mija & Kaeto Sweeney
S E L E C T E D   C O L L E C T I V E   P E R F O R M A N C E S 
D É C O N T A M I N A T I O N - N U I T  D E S  M U S É E S,  L A  V I G I E,  N Î M E S -  May 2016
Series of exercises to learn how to decontaminate your body.
L E S  P E A U X  S E N S I B L E S - S E N S I T I V E  S K I N S - E N S A P C - June 2016
Firstly, delimitation and disinfection of the space.
A cast of the back is done. While it dries, we start the machine.
A game that has as a goal to clean the parasol’s canvas: the second skin to be disinfected. The filling completed, we retrieve the water filtrated by the canvas, that will be gurgled then spit.
Water in the mouths, a dialogue happens. In the meantime, the back’s skin peels off. In the end, the spin drying cycle starts and the parasol is tipped over.
To see the video clickhere.