Ángela Jiménez Durán
La Lumière à Uyuni (The Light in Uyuni), 2018-2019, is the result of different voyages and readings.
It is a project made of a short film and a publication. The film was shot in the salt desert of Uyuni, in Bolivia. It tackles the idea of a power source hidden underground, solitude, and different performance-like gestures approaching light.
The publication includes several texts, resembling a sort of fictional manual for someone who would like to become a nocturnal walker. You can read the publication here.
It also includes the translation of a conference by Hamish Fulton, An object cannot compete with an experience. You can view it here.
Thank you to Federico Nicolao and Judith Perron who guided me through the project, as well as Nathanaël Ruiz de Infante, travel companion at the edge of the world.